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50Crore Pakistani version of Money Heist

Pakistani audience is going to witness the made in Pakistan version of Money Heist.
Yes, you heard it right, the Faisal Qureshi is all set to come up with Pakistani version of money heist and the name of the movie is 500 Crore. The social media went crazy in Pakistan when the photoshoot of the movie was released yesterday night. Today, if you turn on your social media apps all you gonna see, are the memes related to the Pakistani version of Money Heist.

Photo shoot out is full-time Money Heist version as the models can be seen wearing the same typical clothing of Money Heist like the orange overall suit. The police record picture style has also been shoot out where the characters are holding their nameplates.

The nameplates have the names of different cities of Pakistan and the funny part is that all the city names mentioned are not the big cities the names of the characters are Daska, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, etc. etc.
The whole theme of the money heist has been copied in order to make an A copy of the same.
The team of 50 crores is expecting a lot of business from the movie and is thinking that it’s going to be a blockbuster.

Right now the social media is bombarding the photoshoot with hilarious memes after the teaser.

In my humble opinion we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover it might have something special to offer and this might also go on and win our hearts.
But till then enjoy the funny memes and the whole discussion about it.