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8TH march is celebrated as International Women’s Day all around the globe as a day for provision of basic human rights to one of the most beautiful creations of GOD that are, woman. Marches occurs all around the world to stand and pay tribute to the bravest souls on the earth who played vital in the completion of life and society around us.

On this day a woman again makes a firm determination to stand for equality and to stand for right. On his day women come together and reclaim public space to raise their voices against injustice and inequality discrimination in every field life that a woman faces due to being a female.

On the other hand, Aurat March is always facing a backlash by those who refusing agree with certain slogans raised by the women particularly slogans raised in last year’s Aurat March. Last year’s gathering was made controversial due to certain banners and posters due to which the march failed to raise the highlight of the genuine issues related to women especially those who live underprivileged life in our society.

But this time Aurat March gathered very much spotlight from media particularly from social media due to better and meaningful slogans and banners. This year’s banners highlighted a genuine solution of our society like acid attacks, no portion for daughters in the will, unequal distribution of assets discrimination in the provision of equal chances.

This year a good number of women and men along with kids came out to raise their voices against the fear that they are facing right after their existence. This time women say no to silence and participated even in a better way.

But in order to attract the women from all classes of society from rightist to leftist the administration of Aurat march needed to review their controversial slogan which apparently looks unmatchable with the moral and cultural values of our society. This will help them to pull out the maximum numbers of women to create awareness among the women across all areas and classes. Despite attracting a nominal amount of elite class.