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Dr. Zakir Naik Comments on Kashmir & Article 370

He disclosed the great game that starting in 1947 by Great Britain deliberately dividing the Muslims into three portions I.e. West Pakistan, East Pakistan, India. Kashmir at that time decided to stay as a sovereign state.

As per said article Kashmir is declared as disputed territory according to the resolutions of United Nations, so no Indian can even purchase land in Kashmir. It is mentioned in article 370 that Kashmir is independent. It will have its legislative assembly.

Now after 70 years BJP has demolished the whole article by taking an unconstitutional step. They were able to do this insane inhuman initiative by receiving a two-third majority in the national legislative assembly. BJP has a clear stance when it comes to tackling with minorities.

The recent incident demonstrates that minorities are living under genuine peer pressure.

He stated the reference of author Robert Fisk who claimed that there were no terrorist camps in Balakot-Pakistan they just have made the wrong claim just to portray the fellow Indians that India is now taking further steps.

He even criticized the Prime Minister Modi’s well-known statement about the presence of Clouds at time of the strike that he said is considered a hurdle for that operation for IAF but Modi ultimately order to carry out operation no matter what happens.

His statement created a moment of embarrassment for the followers of him. Dr. said this is the level of education of Indian’s prime minister who believes that radar can be stopped by clouds. Latterly toward the end of his question & answer session, he quoted again Robert Fisk who believed that India in the region is following the footsteps of Israel. 

Mode-led administration has understood that how Palestine was occupied and they have taken the same initiatives that Israel took while capturing Gaza Strips. He also criticized the criminal silence of majority Muslim countries on that subject matter.