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Imran Khan’s Address UNGA Advocate Islam and Kashmir

 We all are familiar that Imran Khan who is the present Prime Minister of Pakistan was in United Nation for the 74th session held by the United Nations General Assembly. Where he briefed a lot of things concerning afflict of extremism found in every society.

He addressed to the assembly that there are radicals, liberals as well as modest present in all human communities. Khan also stated that in all human communities, there is no religion that preaches radicalism. The basic things that make us different from animal kingdom is justice and kindness. These factors are actually the source of all religions.

Imran Khan also pointed out terrorism that it has nothing to do with any religion. He also talked about 9-11 attack “No one did research that prior to 9-11, the mainstream of suicide bombers in the globe were Tamil Tigers. And they were Hindus.”

Prime Minister Khan said there is a mix-up in the West concerning Islam, and this misunderstanding is becoming the cause of Islamophobia in the world.

What he said about Mission Kashmir?

As he was interested in illustrating global attention towards the issue of ‘Mission Kashmir’, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has recommended the Kashmir Study Group along with its leaders to draw attention towards the present situation in Jammu and Kashmir, in which he also said “causes a grave intimidation to regional peace as well as security”.

Imran Khan also held a meeting with the creator of Kashmir Study Group, who is Farooq Kathwari. He called on him in New York and both did a discussion on the current circumstances in Jammu & Kashmir.

Kathwari had formerly served as a member of the US President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans.