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iPhone 11: Review

October 19 is about to finish, and this time again apple’s product is the talk of the global town. Marketing, as well as the sale of the iPhone, is in full swing.  We have already said hello to the iPhone 11trio, which is the next generation or version of iPhone XR, while be gone iPhone XS upgraded with iPhone 11 Pro.

Earlier iPhone XS series came with Bionic chip having enormous development in speed. However, in iPhone 11, Pro apple emphasized on the camera due to which it is named as Pro.

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max came with certain modifications like enhanced efficiency, camera up-gradation, big batteries, and a brand new Apple U1 wideband chip.

Design: The design stays the same as it used to be in previous models from the front. However they have introduced a triple-camera setup on the back, and the rear glass came with a frosted finish that we had earlier seen in One Plus 6. Water resistances have been improved as iPhone 11 can survive up to 4 meters deep water.

Price: The price of iPhone 11 is $869.00/£689.02/₹79.999 respectively.

A13 Bionic chip is an improvised form of the A12. It came with certain developments like new ISP and DSP; however, it is based on the A12 design.

Camera: The new triple camera is the most anticipated new feature in this phone. In addition to the wide and tele shooters, there provided special mode ultra-wide snapper. Night Mode with 4K capture at 60fps performed better with extended dynamic range. One of the best features is to use all 4 cameras at once, using 4K at 60fps without any limits.

The front camera came with a 12MP shooter that can function in all resolution and frame rates as the rear camera. A front came also came with a Slow-motion feature named selfies.

Battery: When it comes to battery finally iPhone 11 Pro now has a 20% larger battery as compare to XS, however, 11 Pro Max performs 25% better in the efficiency over the XS Max.

3D touch: Taptic Engine put an end to the era of Apple’s 3D Touch. The 3D Touch tech was declared failed by Apple itself and they consider it more as a burden, so apple can’t be criticized for retiring it.

The iPhone 11 trio came with iOS 13, but so far they have launched an update of iOS 13.1, Update provides new options for the usage of U1 chip among other things.