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Khabib Nurmagomedov Announced his Retirement: UFC 254

The UFC world and Khabib fans are shocked as yesterday the ultimate champion announced his retirement from the game he loved so much. 

All of us wants to know that why he retired from the game! Well our hero was fighting under the coaching of his father until now and unfortunately, he lost his father in July 2020.
He told he will not fight anymore because his father won’t be with him as a coach. 

The fast and furious fighter have an amazing record of 29-0 he remains undefeated throughout his career that started back in 2012.

His record is mesmerizing out of 29 fights that he had he won 9 by knock outs and 10 by submission remaining by fighting throughout the regular time. 

Khabib has the striking accuracy of 50 percent, his grappling accuracy is 45%. 

Lets go a little back and see where is Khabib from and where it all started. 

Khabib is form Daestan republic, Russia, he was born on 20 September 1988. 

He had his octagon  debut  fight on 21 January 2012. He started MMA fighting back in 2008. 

Upon asking who is his hero, he said my hero is my childhood friend Eldar Eldarov. 

Khabib is graduate by education and he graduated from Financial Academy with honours. 

The ultimate fighter has fans from all over the world because of his aggressiveness and fast reflexes. 

Khabib announced his retirement from the game yesterday on 24th October 2020 after winning the fight in just 10 minutes and kept his title of light weight UFC world champion. 

A legend of the game indeed. 

Thanks to Khabib for entertaining us through out his career, he certainly is master class.