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Mobile Application developer created ‘Mohafiz’ app for missing children in Punjab

CPWB in Lahore: The CPWB that is Child Protection and Welfare Bureau have lined up with a team of the mobile phone application developer to create the “Mohafiz” app. This app permits you to explore the cases of needy and homeless children. Whereas from this app, you can also share information on such cases who ran away from their homes in Punjab.

What this app will do for you? Through this app, support can be pursued from government institutions in case of an emergency. The citizens can also report regarding any missing children plus accidents. Several centers of the province entail hundreds of children comprising the CPWB in Lahore.

CPWB Chairperson Sarah Ahmed: She said that any citizen discovers a missing child, they must share the information of that child through the Mohafiz app.

Fawad Chaudhry: He is the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, said that this mobile app is very significant. He also told that the purpose behind this partnership with a private company is that we need not load government organizations with all the work.

He further added that private-sector services should be hired or engaged in such tasks, which is probable to give a more encouraging response than a government organization. The mobile app can be used on both Android as well as Apple mobiles.

Ali Yar: He is the developer of the Mohafiz app, told The Express Tribune that there are presently 750 emergency helplines that are operating in Pakistan. The citizen is unaware of the relevant organization that should be called for emergencies associated with children.

According to figures, 43% Pakistanis own a smartphone. Though, a large number of people do not use such applications on smartphones due to lack of awareness.

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