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Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nazish Jahangir Getting Married & Fatima Sohail Files for khula

Well Nazish responds to her so-called affair with Mohsin. Fatima Sohail wife of the actor as well as singer Mohsin Abbas Haider, came forward to charge her husband that he has cheated on her with an evolving artist named Nazish Jahangir.

What did Fatima state on Facebook? According to Fatima, she was beaten by him when she talked about his affair. Fatima also exposed in her Facebook post that she was pregnant at the time. She also shared pictures of her bruises as proof of physical abuse by Mohsin Abbas Haider. Nazish came out on Sunday night with a statement on Instagram to address the matter.

She wrote on Instagram that whatever the thing is, it will come out eventually. As Fatima shared the pictures getting abused by her husband, she would have posted that too if she had any evidence of me sleeping with her husband. Anyway, I have sympathies for her if she is a victim of domestic abuse, but I would like to make all of you clear that I am not the intention behind their marital issues.

Nazish also said in another post that Fatima herself talk to me. She even discussed with me concerning her personal life and her marriage. She used to call me through her pregnancy even. There is no reason left to talk to me or call me if she thought that I was sleeping with her husband? I have so many questions that I can raise in my defense but that’s not who I am. This entire thing is very disturbing so I don’t want to talk much on this topic. Mohsin Abbas Haider is a very respectable friend to me and so was his wife. I do not have any idea that why she is involving me in all of this and accusing me of things I could certainly not even imagine.