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New initiative: Prime Minister’s Internship Program

According to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a new program named National Youth Development Framework has been launched.

Objective: The goal is to empower youth and inject fresh employment opportunities all over the country in the form of an internship.

Pakistan’s post has taken the initiative to launch an internship program starting from 4th November 2019. Analysts have admitted this program as a key initiative towards the empowerment of youth. As we all know that 65 percent of our population consists of youth less than 30 years of age. Previous got have launched their projects for the sake of their interest. The first time a government has decided to adopt a practical initiative. Applicants from all over the country are eligible to apply for the said program. The main criteria include age limit that should be in between 20-30years. The duration of the program will be 30 days. As for as, the eligibility from an education point of view is concerned, the minimum study level is matriculation or equivalent, on the other hand, graduation or equivalent is mandatory.

Programs offered:

Internship Program A: Franchise Post Office:

It will enable internees to understand Postal products/Services, accounting procedures, How to book Postal Products, preparation of the bills and commissions on various services as a franchise.

Internship Program B: Insurance Agents:

In this program internees will be able to understand insurance policies, learning about get into the shape of an agent of PLI, Calculations regarding Insurance premium, Marketing for Insurance and relevant legal obligations.

Internship Program C: E-Commerce

Learning basics of E-Commerce, getting familiar with web ports for E-Commerce purpose, understanding the role of delivery partner in E-commerce, trying to learn the advanced techniques for becoming a successful entrepreneur, cash on delivery process.

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