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Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo Was insisted to give Statement on Kashmir

As we know about current controversy attached to Junejo.  Irfan Junejo has made a clear stance by not discussing the current hot Kashmir issue and he validated his stance with numerous causes. He received serious backlash from his subscribers, which forced him to upload another video. A detail of the whole incident is as under.

YouTuber started his video by saying that this video is particularly NOT related to Kashmir in any manner, he is just here to reply to those who are consistently bashing him on the subject matter.

During the initial phase of the video, he declared that before coming to the actual topic of the video, he wants to make a clarification that he has no intentions to indicate that current Kashmir issue is not less significant or anything. He added that he understands that what happening in Kashmir is very serious and sad but he is here to discuss the genuine topic of the video.

He publicized he is constantly being bullied to the next level and he can’t be enforced do something.

He insisted that he was openly asked to make a video on Kashmir or his channel will be unsubscribed. Later on, he tweeted out a thread to clarify why he can’t make a direct video on Kashmir. Irfan said that situation got even worse after those tweets and this is the motivation behind this video to explain the things in comparatively a better way.

Irfan also discussed his experience about sharing political and religious things had gone wrong so after that he decided to not upload such content. The YouTuber believed that his videos might not help the Kashmir cause directly so that is one of the reasons as well. He further stated the might add any story or status about such issue but he can’t share any video about politico-religious issues.

He said that making videos on such topics might bring an exceptional amount of subscribers but this is not his cup of tea. He stated that its time to reexamine the actual definition of activism and should work for a real cause rather than bashing others. Toward the ending of the video, he said that it’s his stance on the issue, now it’s up to subscribers to unsubscribe him or not.