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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review

User’s reviews: The reviews of users about Galaxy Note9 wasn’t the very well ranked as expected, even some consider it as pathetic version upgrade over the Note8. Despite low reviews, the phone performed well in the market as note series has its charisma and brand effects.

However, they have come up with Galaxy Note10 and the Note10+, following the trend that they have set in the past to launch state of the art technology from the platform of Samsung technologies.

Unlike models like vanilla Note10 and the Plus-sized version, Note 10 came with 3.5mm jack. Yup unlike the previous OEMs it seems that Samsung has abandoned that Jack and is going to be jack-less with both phones – but fortunately, the Note10+ retains the microSD card slot.

Price: The price of Note 10 is $949/£869 respectively.

One of the most noticeable modifications is the size of the screen and the camera outline. They came with a comparatively big screen in the body due to the curved edges and trimmed bezels and OCD users see the punch-hole camera centered instead of being pushed to the edges like the S10 series.

Keeping in view that Note10+ disappointed some regular users of Note series according to tour polls and review gathered but it has special effects that make Note 10 able to achieve compliance with the modern trends set but Samsung or its competitors. There is no doubt Note 10 is a power-packed handset.

Un-boxing Galaxy Note10+

Premium-looking black box contains almost everything you’d expect. As there’s no USB-C to audio jack dongle, it means that you have to buy it separately.

However, you will be cheered to see a USB-C to USB-C cable supporting Power Delivery 3.0 along with a 25W charger, again complying with the PD 3.0 standard. You will also meet a pair of nice-sounding AKG ear buds having braided cables as always.

So far only complain that we have observed is the absence of 3.5mm audio dongle. Considering the price one would expect a $5 worth dongle inside but unfortunately, it is what it is.